Check out the top 5 NASCAR wrecks at the Monster Mile in Dover


NASCAR drivers have raced at Dover International Speedway for nearly 50 years, and the Monster Mile has seen some gruesome crashes along the way.

FOX Sports ranked the top five NASCAR wrecks at Dover, and there were several memorable crashes that made the list.

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No. 5 on the list included Tony Stewart and Denny Hamlin in a multi-car crash in 2008.

No. 4 was a wreck between Drew Herring and Elliott Sadler where Sadler was sent spinning across the track, and his car was hit by several other cars.

No. 3 was dubbed "The Big One" after it claimed 19 cars in 2004. Among those involved in the crash were Jimmie Johnson and Dave Blaney.

No. 2 on the list was the most recent, and it involved Clint Bowyer's car flying airborne.


The No. 1 crash on the list was a wreck with Joey Logano in 2009. Logano flipped several times but miraculously was fine after the wreck.

So much is at stake on Sunday as four drivers will be eliminated, and it could be one of the best races of the season.