It's easy to destroy a Jeep when you have a wooden ramp and a helmet

The 90's Jeep Grand Cherokee was one the most popular SUVs of it's time. It's comfortable, reliable and very capable off-road. It's also pretty good at driving on two wheels apparently.

As we see in this video posted by YouTube channel "Two Wheels Off," a little practice goes a long way. The craziness begins with the construction of a wooden ramp. The thing actually looks very professional, and you get the idea these guys know whats up. Their first attempt at driving on two wheels goes really well. They hit the ramp with both right side tires and it immediately pops right up, and cruises down the stretch on just the left tires.

At this point some would call it a success and go home, these guys did not. The following pass causes the Jeep to take flight and land hard on the left front tire subsequently blowing the tire out. They jack it up, install a spare wheel and this time hit the ramp with the left side tires. The driver is able to keep control, and down the road he goes.

They do eventually flip the Jeep on it's side, but overall this went very well. No one was injured, and we now know a Jeep Grand Cherokee can drive on two wheels. Wonder what the Jeep's alignment specs are now?