Another Cars and Coffee exit claims a Dodge Viper in Houston


It's been a little bit quiet on the Cars and Coffee mayhem front lately. Maybe people are finally starting to realize they look cooler driving away under control than careening into a crowd.

However, even if you aren't trying to show off with a massive burnout, driving a car known for being difficult to control could bite you. As this driver in Houston found out.

We actually feel bad this time, it doesn't look like the guy was trying to show off much at all, just accelerating to merge onto the street. But, as Dodge Vipers are wont to do, the car was a little too eager to unleash its V10's horsepower and sent itself skidding into a curb.


The merciless laughter and a parade of amazing cars that managed not to spin out after travelling a few yards add insult to injury as they wait for the flatbed. Hopefully these occurrences continue to become more rare.

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