Driver of Z06 Corvette featured on YouTube channel facing serious charges after crash


If you watch the popular YouTube channel Vehicle Virgins, than you may have seen Parker and his girlfriend (at the time) review a C7 Corvette Z06 last year. The video was titled " You shouldn't buy a Z06" and it covers the five things he hates about the car.

The same car featured in that video ended up later smashing into a tree and seriously injuring the driver and a 17 -year-old passenger. Both suffered broken bones and the driver, Jefferey Gong , is facing one felony count of reckless driving according to MLive.


According to the police report, as reported by MLive, Gong was going around a turn with a posted speed limit of 35 mph. He took the turn too quickly and smashed right into a large tree, the report said. The car is almost unrecognizable and Gong and his passenger had to be extracted from the Corvette.


At the time of the wreck, it was unknown who the driver was.

Its amazing either one survived this wreck after seeing these photos. Kuddos to the GM safety department on this one.