Thousands of cars get totaled out by insurance companies every day. The vast majority are accident cars and more recently, due to multiple intense Hurricanes, flood cars have made a splash at insurance auctions all over the country. Very few cars get totaled out because of vandalism but when they do, you better believe they are some of the most interesting cars on the auction block.

Recently, YouTuber Samcrac, featured a 2015 BMW I8 that had been totaled due to bullet holes in the driver side door. In this episode of Sam’s “Car of the week,” he shows us the extent of the damage to the I8, and touches on repair costs.

Surprisingly this BMW doesn’t look all that bad, and it wasn’t listed as a biohazard which means it’s likely no one was in the car at the time of the shooting. The damage is primarily to the driver’s door and Sam was able to find a used replacement door for only $2,200 on ebay. The stated value on the auction site for a fully functional 2015 I8 is $110,000. Their estimate for repairs costs is $30,000, which means that assuming this retains a clean title, this car could be a steal. A used door, and some miscellaneous body work and this I8 could be back on the road for a fraction of what they suggest.

Sam’s video also includes a few other cars that were totaled due to bullet holes. One of them is a Dodge Journey from Chicago that was unfortunately listed as a biohazard. For more on funky auction cars check out his channel here.

This is how many bullets it takes to total out a $100,000 BMW I8 Samcrac/YouTube

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