An SUV drifted off the road, hit a ditch, and what happens next is terrifying Viral Hog/YouTube
Car Flying in air via YouTube

Have to say I love the invention of in-car cameras. They capture some amazing video, good and bad.

A driver in New Zealand is lucky to be alive after their car drifted off the side of a country road, went down an embankment, then hit a culvert that launched them into the air, according to

Video of the accident was posted on YouTube and has nearly 100,000 views. Look in the distance and you can see the car approaching on the right (they drive on the opposite side of the road down there). It drops down to where you can just see the windshield, then launches once it hits the culvert, getting some serious hang time.

Rescue personnel said the car flipped and then rolled twice. The driver was flown by helicopter to a hospital suffering from what was deemed moderate injuries. They?re lucky to be alive.

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