Summer has pretty much arrived, so it’s a perfect time to break out the ol’ watercraft and spend some time in the sun. It’s also a perfect time to watch the epic fails that occur when people get out on the water. That’s why today, we’re looking at some of the best jet ski fails caught on video.

It’s fine. It happens to the best of us .sometimes we just get a little overconfident in our abilities. But, before you go dropping in your Yamaha Waverunner at the boat launch, at least take a couple notes from these riders, so you don’t end up doing the same thing in front of your hot date. Everyone likes that person on a brand new Sea-Doo, but if you crash, you kind of lose the cool factor a little bit.

If you’re taking your personal watercraft out, do not forget the most important thing: Balance! You’re not on some speedboat where you can sit wherever you want during the shenanigans. You have to strategically place your weight, or you’re definitely going to get booted off the side or flip over. The second most important thing, which I guess could be also argued as the first most important, is that steering only really works when you give it throttle. If you panic and stop giving it gas, no matter how hard you turn those bars, you’re just going to go straight. Tons of these accidents could have been avoided by remembering those two things.

One part of the video I wanted to point out is the Redbull jet ski with two riders in the mix of this compilation, and they catch some serious air off the lip of a wave. It was pretty impressive, and they actually stuck the landing for a second before falling off. Out of all these mishaps, that one ALMOST turned out to be an epic stunt.


Jet skiing, if done right, can be the most fun you’ve ever had on the water. If you mess up, you still get to have fun. You just have a little more shame inside you for the rest of the day. It’s best to avoid that so you can look like a true professional. Don’t let the fails scare you. It’s worth having one of these toys in your garage, so hop on Google and trying tracking one down, if you don’t own one already. It’s the perfect toy for the summer season. I heard Kawasaki has some pretty awesome models. Just make sure you don’t scratch it up, and ride responsibly!


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