To say this pilot and his passenger were caught by surprise would be an understatement. The only one that was more shocked at what was going on was likely the cat itself. Imagine just taking a nap, and when you open your eyes, you’re suddenly flying through the air hundreds of feet above the ground. At that point, you just hold on for dear life, and that’s exactly what this cat did.

Luckily for the animal, the pilot realized the situation before it was too late, and in the video above, we get to see some pretty funny genuine reactions once they find out the cat is onboard. I’ll be honest, it hit me by surprise as well. When the video starts, we see the two taking off in the small plane, and things looked like they were going exactly according to plan. About 40 seconds into the video, however, we first see that little cat’s head pop up on the left-side wing.

The cat was actually smart enough to make its way towards the center of the aircraft, giving it something to cling onto during the flight. Once it got closer to the passengers, they eventually saw it and realized that they needed to get back on the ground. It was certainly entertaining watching them get back to the airport, and while I’m sure that the cat was freaking out inside, it kept a calm, cool, and collected demeanor while hanging onto the bars. Part of me even thinks it enjoyed a little wind blowing through its fur.

Isn’t there an inspection process before a plane goes into the air? I’m still a little confused as to how that cat actually got up there by the time they took off, but hey, they made it back safely, and that’s all that matters. Maybe this pilot should think about putting “look for felines” on the checklist for his upcoming flights. This video was the perfect combination of a tense yet hilarious moment.


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