What Do You Do When “The King” Used To Own Your Junked Up BMW?

“It was really rough. A lot of parts were missing…” says owner Klaus Kutscher of the first time he laid eyes on his now-prized BMW 507. The car itself is an amazing and rare find in its own right, but this one was unfortunately in serious disrepair and neglect. The amount of work seemed endless, even for the professional restorer at BMW Classic. But when he and his team ran the VIN number, they came across the perfect reason to keep the 507 and restore it to its original glory: this car belonged to Elvis during his tour with the Armed Forces in Germany. YES, THE ELVIS. “The car was normally white, and all his fans made kisses with lipsticks on the car, so he was mad and he painted the car red after that,” Kutscher, said confirming the legend.

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