One word — gross.

A Youtuber named Adrian (so says the description) purchased a 1930 Model A 5 window coupe — all original except for a few parts. But despite his best efforts, the car wouldn’t turn over. His buddy suggested changing the oil, and when Adrian pulled off the oil pan, he was greeted with the World Series of gunk. The oil was thick and chunky, and, well, gross. See for yourself …

… And here’s Adrian’s description, less the opening line that contained profanity, and with some of the spelling corrected.

I bought a 1930 (not 31 like I said in the video) Model A 5 window coupe all original except for a dropped axle, a Mallory dual point distributor, some dual electrode spark plugs, four blade radiator fan, 15″ steel reversed center wheels with slicks and a lawnmower fuel tank bolted to the dash (reasons to believe it was a hot rod). It wouldn’t turn over when I got it so I took the plugs out and poured some Mystery oil in the holes and let it sit for a few weeks, I turned it back n forth till I was able to give it a few full turns, checked the oil level, put some gas in it, hooked up a battery and it turned over fine with the starter but no fire, pulled out the distributor to find a homemade shaft extension that wasn’t long enough so I rebuilt the distributor, made a new shaft, rebuilt the carb, and now it fired up! I called Adrian to come over and check it out, he said, “It sounds good but don’t try driving it until you change the oil”. Since the oil looked to be ok and at the correct level, I drove it up and down the alley. I called him again to let him know how it went and the first thing he asked was, “Did you change the oil?” So I got to work, took the drain plug out and oil dribbled out no matter what i did it wouldn’t drain out so I took the oil pan off and found the oil caked at the bottom of the pan, lesson learned…. Always pull the oil pan OFF to make sure you don’t run your newly acquired Old motor with a pan full of crud, I hope this helps, more videos of this model A to come so stay tuned! thanks for watching.
Thanks for the great advice, Adrian.

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This is what happens when you run a car on 50 year old oil Youtube screen shot
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