Embrace your inner Dale Cooper and become a special agent with what appears to be an actual FBI surveillance van straight out of 1989.

The 1989 Dodge Ram 350 sold for over $18k on Ebay. If that sounds like a lot for an old panel van, rest assured; it comes with an array of vintage electronics, which have totally held onto their value, and some FBI surveillance records, like tapes and notepads. Who knows? Maybe Jimmy Hoffa is crammed in that weird tube on the roof. Pop that sucker open and whiff a huff of Hoffa.

The van had only one owner, aside from Uncle Sam, and only sports 23,500 miles on the clock.

If you missed out on this one, keep your eyes open in case another gem like this ever resurfaces. Then grab your wallet and get ready to gradually creep out your neighbor until the Home Owners Association gives you the boot!

H/T Jalopnik

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This looks to be a legit FBI surveillance van on Ebay johnn.chubb /eBay:
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