A guy found this extremely rare Mustang entirely by chance

Imagine buying a a classic car so rare, that only 306 of them were ever built during its production year. Feels pretty good, right? Now imagine buying that car for under $10,000, and it's a rare-variant of a Shelby Mustang. You'd have to be insane to not be ecstatic. And that's exactly what Douglas Miller did according to Mustang360.

Miller found the car entire by chance, too. He and his wife were driving through Kutztown, Pennsylvania, when she pointed to the car and suggested he buy it. It took some more prodding, but eventually Miller went to the dealer where they initially saw the Mustang to get a closer look.

The black and silver car was a mess of Shelby, Mustang, GT, and Mach 1 badges. The car looked nothing like the image that would pop into your head when you thought of a '69 Shelby G.T. 350, but that's exactly what it was, with one key distinction: The car was made in Mexico for the Mexican market, making it extremely rare.

The Shelby de Mexico is the result of a 1966 union between Eduardo Velazquez and Carroll Shelby. The Mexican version of the G.T. 350 was based on the hardtop chassis, giving it its unique look.

Miller now drives the Mustang back-and-forth to car shows. The only change he's made, besides some restoration work, is an engine swap for a 302 while he restores the original motor.