A dedicated Knight Rider fan has built an even better K.I.T.T than the actual show cars Knight Rider/YouTube

Knight Rider fans everywhere have dreamed of having their own K.I.T.T. The iconic talking Firebird was the only partner a young David Hasselhoff needed to fight crime, and the car’s popularity has continued to grow some 35 years later.

There are plenty of replica cars out there, but few are as nice as Chris Blasius’s 1982 version. Although the Pontiac Trans Am changed over the four years the original show aired, Blasius decided to mold his creation after the original 1982 model used in the first season. Per Car and Driver, he was able to find a hardtop 1982 TA with the mighty, and short-lived 165-hp crossfire injected 305. Since the original T-top cars had an issue with leaking and rusting out the floors, the hardtop version was the only way to go. Blasius cut away the original roof and grafted in a T-bar roof from a 1987 model. Other than this, Blasius made every effort to use NOS parts from an ’82 model, and even has the correct Goodyear Eagle GT tires.

Since Blasius is an absolute perfectionist, the front end was cut and redesigned to K.I.T.T. specs so a mold could be made. To handle the totally custom dash, center console and steering wheel, he turned to his friend Billy Gunter. Gunter invited Michael Scheffe, who originally designed K.I.T.T. for series producer Glen A. Larson, to his shop in Atlanta to confirm his custom work on the interior was true to his original design. The dash alone took Gunter about ten months to create, and according to Blasius, the engine rpm, mph, oil pressure and fuel readouts all work and are accurate.

Blasius’s K.I.T.T. can say 20 phrases from the show, and he can even swap in new ones with an SD card. Exterior speakers play the car’s turbine whine when the car is in motion, and an AGM battery can provide power to all the electronics for eight hours for car shows.

The time and effort put into this car is second to none, and there is no doubt this car is nicer than any of the Firebirds used on the show. Check out the restoration video as it really shows the level of dedication and passion that goes into a project like this.

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