FOR SALE: The Iconic Dukes of Hazzard Car, The General Lee

Since you all enjoyed our video of the Duke brothers back in action, we decided to search for General Lees up for sale. The thought of speeding down the highway in the orange head-turning car has us buzzing with nostalgic excitement. Check your bank accounts and start collecting your savings, we found a great collection of the classic 1969 Dodge Chargers that could be yours!

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Charger Old 001Challenger New 010Charger Old 002Challenger New 006Charger Old 004Challenger New 008Charger Old 005Challenger New 009Charger Old 003Challenger New 007

All good collectibles are limited in availability

This car is among the ranks of the most iconic cars in television with the Batmobile and rival KITT from Knight Rider. Each is adorned with a Confederate naval jack on the roof and a horn that plays the first line from the song, Dixie. These elements are known to be honoring the Confederate General Robert E. Lee, where the car's name comes from. Several versions of the car were created during the life of the show because cars would have to be retired from structural damage in big stunts.

Obtaining the Chargers after 1969 became harder and more expensive. Stunt footage was often reused from previous seasons to fill in gaps. In extreme cases, a miniature stunt environment and a radio-controlled model car would showcase the jumps. Yes, it is as awful as it sounds.

Did you know the General Lee was in every episode of Dukes of Hazzard, except for one? This well-known classic car could be seen in incredible car chases and stunts on the show, except in "Mary Kaye's Baby". (Tuck that one away for trivia night) Cousins Bo Duke and Luke Duke, and later Coy and Vance, could be seen hopping in through the windows - as the doors were welded shut.

The General makes a modern comeback

Can't get your hands on the original car? For a newer engine with a classic General Lee vibe, spring for a Dodge Challenger! Or this adaptation the Duke boys would have loved to drive - a 2,300hp Turbo Viper version of the General Lee.

Orange never looked so good as when it's speeding down the highway with a carefree spirit, am I right?