This 1972 Dinalpin A110 is the car of your dreams


On your way to work each day, it's quite possible that you'll see at least one Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger. This makes perfect sense considering these are three of the best-selling sports cars in the U.S., but if you're one of those people that don't want to drive the same vehicle as everybody else, then we have the scoop on an automobile that you'll definitely want to see.

The car we're referring to is a 1972 Dinalpin A110, which was recently listed on eBay for $55,000. If you're unfamiliar with this car, it's the Mexican version of the Renault Alpine A110.

During its run, Renault is rumored to have produced fewer than 7,500 Alpine A110s at its factory in Dieppe, France. However, in order to get around import tariffs, the company also produced A110s in several other countries such as Spain, Bulgaria, Brazil, and Mexico. The latter of which is where this Dinalpin A110 was produced. In fact, this particular A110 currently calls Mexico City its home, but that could soon change if someone shows the willingness to cough up $55,000 for this classic sports car


Its eBay ad says the vehicle has been "restored" and is "good mechanical condition," but you'll notice after taking a closer look at the eBay photos, the car features numerous paint chips and there are fasteners holding certain mechanical parts together.

Underneath the hood, there's a 1,300cc four-cylinder motor that works with a four-speed transaxle transmission to perform shifting responsibilities.

While the exterior of the car is covered with an all-white paint job, the interior is mostly black, featuring notable highlights such as leather and cloth upholstery, a genuine wood dashboard, and a wood-rimmed wheel. What's more, this car sits on 13-inch alloy wheels that are fastened to the car using only three lugs.

Alpine enthusiasts might know this car was built on a steel tube-based chassis and the bodywork on this particular Dinalpin A110 appears to be in good shape, according to a report by Jalopnik.


It's unknown how many Dinaphin A110s were produced overall, but Hagerty estimates the number to be between 500 and 700.

That limited volume explains why this 45-year-old Dinaphin A110 has been listed on eBay for $55,000.

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