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Authorities and first responders in Texarkana, Arkansas witnessed a bonafide miracle the night after Thanksgiving when they arrived on the scene of a grisly accident scene where an 18-wheeler had side-swiped a passenger car during an improper lane change, and ejected an infant from the car. The occupants of the small car, which flipped over as a result of the impact, frantically told officials that their 8-month old girl was unaccounted for in the aftermath of the crash. Working on a tip from a good Samaritan already on scene, rescuers were able to locate the baby girl in a storm drain on the highway median, with a negligible scratch on her forehead . As reported by CNN:

“The baby … was sitting up and looking up at us waiting for us to pull her out,” Texarkana firefighter Josh Moore said.

Local authorities cited the trucker with an improper lane change, but have yet to charge the family of the infant with anything despite the carseat not being properly secured.