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While MotorTrend’s Jason Cammisa is certainly in love with the new GTS variant of BMW’s prized M4, for the ridiculously overblown price of $135,195 for the fully loaded model, it damn well better look good as a trophy car because it’s not something you’re ever going to be able to daily drive. You’ll scrape the crap out of the front splitter on every slight incline. You won’t be able to see over rear aero. You have to fill the engine’s water reservoir every time you top off your gas tank, and there are no comfort features inside whatsoever. It’s all manual, no frills, all thrills. This is a BMW race car and that is all it ever will be good for, mostly because the regular slings and arrows suffered by your daily driver will positively murder the value of this over-priced, niche-market BMW.