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There are four races remaining in the Moto3 season, but the AGR team will not be competing in them.

The team announced on Monday that it is  ending operations for the Moto2 and Moto3 teams immediately due to financial issues, and those issues have been made worse thanks to poor results on race day.

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Maria Herrera, the only female driver in Moto3, will miss the remainder of the season as a result. American Moto2 driver Joe Roberts will also miss the remainder of his season.

Herrera has missed multiple races due to a collarbone injury, and the 21-year-old’s future in racing is jeopardy since she might not have a ride for next season.

Roberts will join the RW Racing team next year for his first full Moto2 season.

Financial struggles have impacted racing teams in many different racing series across the world. Even in NASCAR the Truck Series is in trouble due to financial strains.

It’s been difficult for teams and drivers to find sponsors, and they have ceased operations as a result.