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There are so many things the above video can teach us. Mostly, it’s a cautionary tale warning against hubris, ignorance, and just not thinking anything through.

Time to dissect what happened. First, you’ll notice the angle of the ramp. Seems weird right? That’s because it is. If this is a secret trailer-loading technique though, then this guy’s attempt had the same finesse as 50 Cent’s opening pitch for the Mets.

Next, it’s time to pay attention to the trailer instead of the dunce behind the wheel of a brand new, soon-to-be-ruined pickup. Notice anything missing? That’s right, chocks. It’s simple, the trailer is on wheels, apply force, that trailer will roll away.

Finally, it’s time to admire this driver’s dedication. This person looked a challenge right in the eyes, didn’t blink, and then promptly failed. That’s living the American dream.

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