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So, you have an all-wheel drive Tesla or GTR that does 60 mph in the two second range? That’s pretty cool and all, but it seems just a tad childish when you compare it to what a man named Francois Gissy can do.

The same Frenchman who strapped a rocket the back of a pedal bike is back at it, but this time with a water powered tricycle. It’s powered by a carbon fiber water tank that is pressurized to 6,000 psi. When the 35 gallons of water is released all at once, the trike can do 0-62 mph in just over a half second. That’s 5 times quicker than the 2.5 million dollar Bugatti Chiron.  No doubt, it’s at least 5 times as scary too.

Top speed for the trike is a ridiculously unsafe 162 miles per hour. Not sure what kind of insurance this guy has, but there is no way his policy covers this stuff. Enjoy the video and remember, don’t try this at home. You know, if you have a pressurized carbon fiber tank laying around and all.

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