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Popping wheelies is something racers try to avoid at all cost. They spend countless hours dialing in their suspension and even installing wheelie bars to avoid wasting time and energy pulling the front wheels.

Well, these guys said screw all that and decided to put a ton of time and effort into making this truck a one-trick pony. That one trick? You guessed it: Popping the best wheelies on earth.

In this Facebook video is the former editor of Car Craft, David Freiburger doing what he does best. What they used for this madness was a 1950 Ford F6 pickup. David and his team cut the frame in half and moved the rear end far forward creating a tiny wheel base ideal for wheelies. They scrapped the original engine in favor of a big block with a gigantic blower and installed it facing the rear of the truck. It helped that they knew of a wheelie popping van to steal a V-drive out of. Once the V drive was installed, it was just a matter of putting a helmet on and mashing the throttle.

You have to watch this to believe it, but let’s just say you can’t use this truck as designed without getting some serious whiplash or even a major head injury.

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