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The Police Chief of Brinkley, Arkansas is coming under fire after an officer’s dashcam footage reveals Chief Edward Randle was pulled over for speeding at 107 miles per hour, then released without being ticketed. The responding State Trooper heard a call come in for assistance from a local officer who had clocked Randle’s red F-150 at 107 mph, and then 71 miles per hour going through a turn. When the State Trooper approached the Chief’s truck upon pulling him over, he immediately recognized Randle, and despite the record to the contrary, Randle laughed off the charge of speeding, citing a governor in his truck that prevented it from exceeding 95 miles per hour. Following a hearty laugh from all parties, the officers allowed the Chief to leave the scene without ticketing him. The Police Chief has refused to comment on the issue and the State Police have brushed off the idea of charging Randle with any wrong doing.