The newscast starts with a huge understatement: “Well, the motive is unknown…” Not only is this guy’s exact motive impossible to know, we can’t even offer any suggestions. The closest we got was that the driver of this pickup has played too many video games and literally thought all you had to do to hook up a trailer is back up to it fast enough.

We can’t think of another explanation. He comes flying in out of nowhere and slams into the trailer before trying to take off with the trailer. Since physics are a thing, this doesn’t work and the roof and tailgate of his truck get totally destroyed.

The anchor urges anyone who knows anything about this crime to contact the police, presumably so they can slap the cuffs on then and there, since no one other than the driver himself could know what the heck he was thinking.

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Tacoma driver has no idea how towing works KRQE / Youtube

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