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It’s no secret that road rage can spiral out of control fast. When you add a few famously volatile groups into the mix, you get this via theΒ Daily Mail.

Right from the jump, there is a group of motorcyclists and a truck driver, two groups not known for being huge fans of each other. After the truck allegedly cut off the bikers, a rolling argument kicks off before they stop to escalate things into road rage hall of fame territory.

(Viral Hog via Rumble)

The initial shove kicks off a who’s who of road rage gold. A woman gets out of the truck yelling about babies in the car, the other bikers and nearby drivers approach the fight and a shotgun weilding man hops out of his truck to threaten everyone within earshot.

All the while the truck driver is pounding the snot out of the biker in the background.

(Viral Hog via Rumble)

Everyone quickly chooses sides while letting the biker getting absolutely wrecked and the truck drivers begin threatening his buddies who seem to just want the fight to end or for someone to help their friend after he appears to be knocked unconscious.

The man with the prodigious gut seems to want to make sure everyone know he’s the real deal as the arguments continue, and when it finally seems to have calmed down, shotgun guy sparks it back up by going after another biker.

(Viral Hog via Rumble)

You have to watch the whole thing a few times just to take in all of the craziness of the situation.

The men from the trucks may have taken away a bikers phone, but they missed the camera that was rolling the entire time. This all went down in Glencoe, Oklahoma, and the sheriff is investigating the incident.

No one comes out looking great, but the men showing up to “help” surely made this way worse than it needed to be.

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(Viral Hog via Rumble)