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Here’s one that can definitely be added to the list of “Small Town Problems.”

The mayor of Aynor, South Carolina, was recently pulled over with a beer in his possession. This wouldn’t sound all that strange, except he was driving a riding Lawnmower. In this dash cam footage posted by the Sun News, we see Mayor John Gardner being pulled over and eventually asked to pour out his beer.

No arrest was made and the police said they will let the town of Aynor deal with it.  Here’s what the Major had to say according to The Sun News:

“It was unopened to the best of my knowledge. I remember opening it to pour it out.”

This is a little odd when the officer clearly asks him about his open Miller Highlife. This guy seems drunk, especially when he asked to go to Town Hall in the middle of the night, for no apparent reason.

Gardner is up for reelection this year and in most areas, this would be considered political suicide. When you live in a town of just 763 people, something like this may actually score you some points. Who hasn’t driven their lawnmower through the night while drinking a cold one? Come on!

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