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My buddy’s dad once told us a story when we were kids, long before we ever actually drove our first cars. He said he ran out of oil and gas at the same time, stranded on the side of a road in the deserts of New Mexico. The nearest town was only a mile or so, but he had ten bucks in his pocket. This was in the 1970’s, so gas and oil were getting more expensive. Having walked to the gas station, he had to make a choice: buy gas to get into town, or buy oil. He bought gas, walked it back and filled up the car. Driving back to town, the engine seized up, overheated, and cracked. The lesson he gave to us was always buy oil. Oil is the thing that keeps the car running efficiently. /ENGINEERED brings a few myths and misconceptions about motor oils to light in their latest video. How many of them did you already know?