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Before you watch the video turn the volume up, you’re welcome.

Being a horsepower junky has never been limited to the road. To prove that point, just take a look at this beast of a Sea-Doo. What we have in the video posted by Simonxark is a 2009 Sea-Doo RXT 255 with a Rotax supercharger pushing 400 horsepower. To support the 20psi of boost pressure it’s making at 9,000 rpm, the owner has beefed up the engine with aftermarket pistons, cylinder head work, a modified crank shaft, larger injectors and fuel pump, larger throttle body and intercooler.

If you love the sound of supercharged cars like the Hellcat, Cobra Mustang or ZL1 Camaro you will freak out when you hear this PWC. It absolutely screams and is surely the talk of the lake every time it zooms by.

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