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Ford has finally entered the hyper-powered, muscle-car cold war between Dodge and Chevy. Partnering with Roush Performance, Ford unveiled a new bolt-on supercharger for 2018 Mustang and F-150.

The new supercharger will boost the Mustang’s brake horsepower to nearly 700, leveling off at 690bhp, and producing an enormous 610 lb-ft of torque and 12psi of boost. Compare that to the Dodge Challenger Hellcat with 707hp. The Mustang is still a bit underpowered when likened to the Hennessey Chevy Camaro labeled The Exorcist, which produces nearly 1,000hp.

The F-150 will output 632bhp and 600 lb-ft of torque with the modification, meaning truck owners will be even happier with the 5-liter V-8 already housed under their hood.

Ford dealers will begin selling the new supercharger next year, and if you take your car to the dealership to install the upgrade, you’ll even get to keep your warranty intact.

H/T: Matt Kimberley