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TJ Russell took Denzel Washington’s old Plymouth 4-door from The Great Debaters and made one hell of a rat rod.

The 1933 Plymouth has found new life with a custom frame, retrofitted from a 1956 F-100, and beautiful cut out wheels. The whole setup looks fast, even when it’s just sitting in park.

You’ll spend the first 10 minutes of this video drooling over the quality of the build and the sheer amount of time Russell invested in his wheels, only to be jolted awake by the Plymouth careening around the Hoonigan parking lot in the most herky-jerky donut line the garage has ever seen.

In fact, Russell pioneered a new move of going from burnout, to donuts, to up against the wall. This car puts out enough smoke to make BP green with envy. It’s a monster on four wheels, and it’s awesome, in the biblical sense of the word.

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