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Cars come with a hood for a reason. They look pretty dope, the whole completely-built vehicle thing is pretty in style, and they keep random things from flying into your inexplicably exposed turbo and destroying your engine.

GotBoost? posted the video of the mystery car on its Facebook page, showing a car with an exposed turbo in the middle of a dyno test. The whole thing seems to be going well, until a rag from a nearby work bench begins to float gracefully through the air, resembling something out of American Beauty, and gets sucked up into the turbo.

Smoke puffs out of the engine, and some weird noises follow when the driver lets off the throttle, probably in some attempt to save his/her engine. Chances are that turbo is toast, but maybe that’s the full extent of the damage.

If you must have an exposed turbo, than at least throw a screen over the thing to avoid any future headaches.