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Using the ’66 CJ Universal Tuxedo Park body which Jeep engineers dug up from the design vaults, they established the basis for the new ’66 CJ concept, melding past, present, and looking forward toward the future of Jeeps to follow. While this stylistic element seems to be a through-line for all of Chrysler-Fiat Group’s offerings at SEMA this year, the CJ ’66 is all about the performance and utility, with its embedded winch system on prominent display in front of the hulking full-size MOPAR V8 and six-speed tranny. According to Jeep, the seats were sourced from last year’s Viper and the roll cage was custom built for the concept. We’re still waiting on a few of the nitty-gritty details, but you better believe if this thing hits the market in anywhere close to its current shape, we will be throwing our money at it.